Welcome to The New Worker Glossary for a New Work Reality.

We built this glossary to help expand our own understanding of how the future of work was playing out in the present. It started as a small collection of hand written notes that captured the subtle shifts in our ‘future of work’ language over time. What became immediately evident was that much of our evolving discourse told an objective, exterior and structural story of work and its futures. Stories that by intention or otherwise, often depicted a techno-centric future of work, devoid of inhabitants (other than the necessary human resources of course).

Our growing future of work vocabulary, ideas and visions seldom spoke to the lived experience of its primary stakeholders, us, the workers. And so, the Worker Glossary emerged, a collection of lesser known terms that purposefully ‘speaks’ worker. An artefact that helps to look below the seductive discourse around ‘the future of work,’ and to elevate more of the fundamental issues experienced by works’ most important contributors.

The New Worker Glossary is a living artefact. We want to crowdsource new entries over time. So, if and when you come across a new term that you think is relevant to the futures of workers please send it our way! We'll add you (if you want) to the list of contributors.


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